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The House of the Dead by RafaellaKeiko
The House of the Dead
"You have no future..."

You know?
HOTD is definetelly (is this right?) one of my favorite arcade shooters, it has a lot of creativity with it's creatures and specially the bosses.
The OST is always awesome too.
The voice acting.....well......let's just not talk about it....

My favorite boss in the series is however the Magician, every one of his 3 fights were great, from music to his moves and all that.
Too bad Sega won't continue the franchise, and we all will never discover who the heck was the mistery man....
Feels bad....
SpringTrap by RafaellaKeiko
It's been years since i've seen a face 'round here...
I was broken and alone, in that hell i called my home.
Should have left me to decay...
Finding me was your worst mistake....
Now i found my new obsession.
(Salvaged - NateWantsToBattle)

I love the FNAF series, to me it's kinda like how horror should be, you are defenseless,in the middle of things you simply don't understand and being hunted.
FNAF 3 is the least liked game in the series, but i like it quite a lot! :D
It's not like a hunt, it's more like a duel between you and SpringTrap, a duel of minds, who is smarter? You? Or this demon only known as SpringTrap?

I also like how SpringTrap's origin goes, being a suit that was abandoned and.....well....i shouldn't really go further, don't wanna spoil any surprises. ;)

I decided not to add a lot in the background, just some darkened images of SpringTrap to try to add that horror kinda feel. :)
Spider-Man VS Venom by RafaellaKeiko
Spider-Man VS Venom
With great power comes great rivalry!

I always felt this atraction to Venom's character, he is kinda like what Spider-Man could've become if he wasn't responsible with his powers.
It's incredible how Venom always changes sides too xD, he is evil,then he is good,then he is evil and so on. Yeah yeah he is now an anti-hero i am aware of that.

Now for Spidey....what can i say? He is a cool hero, he fights,has a cool costume,jokes a lot but when he gets serious you should really fast.
I haven't read comics in a while, the last time i readed one was "The return of Anti-Venom" and well, it was a nice comic. :)

Anyhow about the wallpaper, i used panels from comics and artwork from the MVC games 1 and 2.

So enjoy this wallpaper dedicated to one of the greatest comic rivalries(?) ever made! :D
Higashikata Josuke by RafaellaKeiko
Higashikata Josuke

Yep, i am a jojo fan, i have been a fan ever since i found about the mugen characters around 2005-2007 i guess, ever since then i watched the OVA,played the games,watched the anime and of course readed the manga, and i gotta tell you, Josuke is DEFINELLY my favorite Jojo.

Josuke is a great character, he is powerful,badass and....funny? Yeah he is actually funny! I also love his stand Crazy Diamond, he has a really creative power.

About the background now.....i was going to use diamonds or something like that.....but then i thought "this is not gonna look good enough..."so i decided to use various manga panels, and all the time spend cutting those things actually paid off.

So, enjoy one of my favorite wallpapers, and probably one of my best! :D
Organization XIII by RafaellaKeiko
Organization XIII
They can call us heartless!
Hollow vessels of what we used to be.
Don't you forget about me...
I will commit this to your memory.
They say that we're nobodies!
Only shadows meant to fade.
But i can't believe that is true...
You're a memory i can't lose
I will hold on to you....

Organization XIII one of the most awesome,badass,cool looking group of antagonists i ever saw.
It's crazy how each of them are memorable in their own little ways and fighting styles, my favorites amongst them are definelly Demyx,Marluxia and Roxas.

Now....something you might find funny is that they are called Organization XIII....but aren't really much XIII as they are a organization.....go ahead, you can count them xD

Also that little "poem" up there is actually a part from the song "Hold on to You" by NateWantsToBattle, check it out when you can, the song is pretty great! :D


Rafaella Keiko


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